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Did the Anunnaki Genetically Modify the Human Race?

#anunnaki #humanity #geneticmanipulation #DNA #Alien #extraterrestrial #enslavement You can listen to us live every Sundays 6:00pm pst & Wednesdays 4:30 pm pst on https://freedomizerradio.comIn this episode Darren and I talk about who our ancestors might be? Could they be from another planet? Well historical documents dating back thousands of years way before the bible seems to…

What is happening with the Solar Storm and Northern Lights? Is it really what we think it is?

#cme #northernlights #solarstorm #sun #news #may2024 #haarp #5g Darren and Dr Druanna Wails explain what is really going on with the northern lights over America and other countries! Is it really having to do with the solar storm? Or could it be Haarp! You don’t want to miss this show! Check out our most recent…

CME Solar Storm Today & the Weekend!

#solarstorm #may2024 #weekend #solarflare #coronalmassejection #sun This is whats been happening. It will get worse over the next 2 days so buckle up! It has been super hot here in the Yucatan for the past three days with major outage issues. Darren and I had to take the day off away from the house and…

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